As Waves on the Shore
An Exploration of the Way of the Teacher

Indigenous cultures traditionally look to the wisdom of the changing seasons and the four directions for guidance in leading a good and true life.
In nature’s cycles we can see our own cycles and in nature we can find the mirror to our own inner nature.

This workshop is inspired by the cross-cultural research of anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, and the resulting model of universal wisdom she calls the Four-Fold Way.

The lessons of the Warrior (north), the Healer (south), the Visionary (east), and the Teacher (west), can help us as we journey to rediscover our authentic selves.

Through an experiential process that includes shamanic journeying and the creation of art,
we will gather lessons from the four directions and bring understanding to the cycles and seasons of our changing lives.

Focusing on the Way of the Teacher, we will:
*learn to be comfortable with uncertainty
*learn to honour our inherent wisdom through silence and solitude
*explore the themes of loss and surrender
*explore the shadow issues of judgement, control and attachment
*invoke the ancestor spirits to help us realize our life dream
*honour our ancestors through the creation of a family totem

The resource of the Teacher is wisdom and the principle that guides the Teacher is to be open to outcome, not attached to outcome. By practicing trust in the process, by being “as waves on the shore”, we can develop the qualities of wisdom, objectivity, discernment, and detachment.

As we experience autumn, and prepare to surrender to the chill and silence of winter, we call upon the Teacher to demonstrate the lessons of detachment and complicity with the universe.

This is one of a series of four weekend workshops exploring the Four-Fold Way
season by season, led by Sharon Van Raalte