An Exploration of the Way of the Healer

Indigenous cultures traditionally look to the wisdom of the changing seasons and the four directions for guidance in leading a good and true life.

In nature's cycles we can see our own cycles and in nature we can find a mirror to our own inner nature.

This workshop is inspired by the cross-cultural research of anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, and the resulting model of universal wisdom she calls the Four-Fold Way.

The lessons of the Warrior (north), the Healer (south), the Visionary (east), and the Teacher (west) can help us rediscover our authentic selves.

Through an experiential process that includes shamanic journeying and the creation of art, we will gather lessons from the four directions and bring understanding to the cycles and seasons of our changing lives.

Focusing on the Way of the Healer, we will:
*learn to attend to what has heart and meaning
*discover that we each have a story to tell, that we are all ‘original medicine’
*look to the condition of our four-chambered hearts
*explore the shadow issues of inattention to our own health and wellbeing
*learn how to facilitate our own healing and restore balance to our lives

It is the way of the Healer to pay attention to what has heart and meaning. This is heart work. Healers recognize that the power of love is the most potent force available to all human beings. Healing involves the principle of reciprocity, the ability to give and receive equally, and the ability to connect. The Healer understands the interconnectedness of all things.

As we come into spring, we begin to feel the beating heart of the Healer in us and hear the murmur of love stories from the south.

This is one of a series of four weekend workshops exploring the Four-Fold Way season by season, led by Sharon Van Raalte