A Shamanic Exploration of Origins and Purpose, Passage and Place

with Sharon Van Raalte

The story of the universe from its inception to the present can be found pulsing in each of us - each heartbeat, each breathing in and breathing out – an unbroken line of connection spiralling through time, weaving a great mystery.
We contain that great mystery and are contained within it.

What do we know of our origins and our purpose?

We journey from one unknown toward another through a kaleidoscope of infinite realities, infinite possibilities. What are the rules of the universe that guide us? How can we gain the perspective we need to pinpoint our place on the trajectory? What tools do we need to embrace the future?

During this workshop we will search for a deeper understanding of our ever-evolving journey from the stars to this place, to this moment in time as the beings we are - flowerings of life, carriers of hope. Through symbol, archetype and shamanic journeying, we will explore the development of consciousness as it has led us to create language, tribe, and community. We will awaken to the rhythm, the mystery that is encoded in our DNA and discover how it can be our teacher. We will ask the question, “Where do we go from here?”

This workshop is for those who are experienced in journeying and have a well- established relationship with spirit guides. (This is not a Foundation for Shamanic Studies workshop.)

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